November 21, 2009

Hi Guys – This blog is no longer being maintained. Thanks to all the folks who read and commented.

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Start Your Morning Right: The Roots “How I Got Over”

October 13, 2009

I remember hearing The Roots latest single, “How I Got Over” on Stereogum during the summer. I liked it quite a bit but somehow it got lost in the wave of R&B inspired indie that has infected my iPod this year. Yesterday, A friend posted the video for the song on Facebook and it reminded me why I was so into it.

The Roots have already secured their place in music history, so you have to give them props for continually trying to push things forward. The themes of “How I Got Over” aren’t exactly new. The hook itself starts off as something we’ve heard before: “Out on the streets where I grew up, first thing they teach you is not to give a fuck.” The next two lines are completely unexpected though: “That type of thinking can get you nowhere. Someone has to care.” That’s the kind of message I like to take with me into the day. It’s simple and gets right to the point. Enjoy.

Google Celebrates The Invention of The Barcode

October 7, 2009

While checking my gmail today, I noticed a barcode where the Google logo should have been. Apparently, on this day in 1952 a patent was granted for the first ever barcode. Go figure.

I Just Got Here. I’m Not Even From Manhattan, I’m From Queens. . .

October 7, 2009

Jay-Z and Droga5 Recreate Reasonable Doubt and We So Get It

September 2, 2009

Readers of this blog know that aside from my love affair with Fleetwood Mac, I am a HUGE Jay-Z fan, and sometimes, with varying degrees of success, I try to find parallels between graphic design and Jay-Z. Lately, Sean Carter,who apparently is a Grizzly Bear fan, has been all over the blogs. His new album, Blueprint 3, though not officially slated for release until September 11th, was leaked earlier this week. Luckily, you don’t need torrents to hear it, because you can stream the entire thing here on

BUT, that’s not the story here. Hov recently teamed up with ad agency, Droga5, on a spot for Rhapsody. In it he recreates, in realtime, the cover art of all his albums. Not only is it an awesome concept, but it’s flawlessly executed. From the first shot of the Reasonable Doubt recreation, I was sold.

Don’t take my word for it though. See for yourself.

Sufjan’s BQE Cover Art Blows Your Mind

August 11, 2009

I don’t know who this Sufjan guy is, but this artwork blows my mind. Forget that it’s nearly impossible to decipher anything in the typography. It’s got a picture of Brooklyn — That’s all you need to know.

Just kidding. Sufjan was in that broadway show, Chicago, right?

via Pitchfork