I’m working on a longer post about Charles Dickens and Notorious B.I.G. (not the movie), but in the meantime, here’s the weather forecast.

Yo Brooklyn! The Museum of Drunken Art
On display at Sputnik, here in Brooklyn, art by drunk people. Who wants to go?

Designing Through The Recession
Tips on staying afloat from Michael Bierut.

Apple Drops DRM in iTunes
You can steal share music from iTunes now!

Oliver Lincoln Lundquist, Designer, Is Dead at 92
Steven Heller writes about the life of Lundquist, the architect and industrial designer who led the team that created the United Nations logo.

Redesigning America’s Future
Ten design policy proposals from The US National Design Policy Initiative.
(via Design Observer)

Objectified Trailer: Upcoming film by Gary Hustwit (Helvetica)
This looks pretty darn good. Might just have to sign up for the newsletter.
(via Design Observer)

and lastly…

Top notch designer, Felix Stekolshchik, redesigns his portfolio
I heard it’s powered by kittens in oversized hamster wheels.

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