The Pusherman’s New Look: MenuPages gets a makeover

My friends and I have given 2009 a few nicknames already: Year of The Hustle, The Age of Responsibility, Year of The Penny-Farthing, and The Year of Unemployment. None, however, ring more true than one I came up with just this morning, 2009: Year of Not Ordering Take-Out Every Night Anymore. With “the economy” and recession being clubbed into our psyche on a daily basis, I’ll spare ye the budget talks but I will say, since I no longer order take-out every night, I seldom visit what used to be one of my most frequented sites — aka The Pusherman.

Further proof that 2009 is/will be The Year of The Penny-Farthing

My roommate and I do sometimes get lazy, and fall back on our old habits. This past weekend we decided to order from one of the many Mexican spots in this section of Brooklyn. You’d be surprised how many there are. Because we had lost, or I had torn up in celebration of the new year, all our menus, I had to make a visit to The Pusherman. Imagine my surprise when I saw The Pusherman had gotten a makeover. Not only did he get himself a new logo, but a whole new interface. Pusherman, good to see you’re finally getting with the times. I must say, though, you’re looking a little wider than I’m comfortable with. Ya look good though. Truly.

The new logo was designed by Mucca Design. Brand New has also covered it here.

One Response to The Pusherman’s New Look: MenuPages gets a makeover

  1. Nina says:

    Ahh Mucca. If i were one of those “design heroes” who would intern for nothing, i’d work at Mucca. However, as you aptly described, it IS the year of the hustle so the design hero life is even less appealing than it was when i was a bright-eyed design graduate.

    I didn’t realise menupages changed their site so i guess that’s a good thing… means I’m not eating out as much as i used to.

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