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I’ve been fascinated by BBC’s (and to a lesser extent, The NY Times) coverage of those crazy ass Somali Pirates. Every few weeks or so, they do a story that just makes me shake my head in wonderment and disbelief. Seriously? Is this really happening? How much are they getting paid? Pirates are driving around town in BMW’s and flying bands in to play at their three day wedding feasts? Sometimes, I just want to sell all my stuff on craigslist and use the money to fly to The Gulf of Aden where I can make some REAL money in the pirating business.

Cuban Link

Speaking of pirates, New York Magazine, always a step ahead of the proverbial game, is further solidifying my theory that the only hip-hop group “the media” cares about is Wu-Tang by featuring a brief review (with audio) of Raekwon’s (really?) new single off his new album Only Built For Cuban Linx II. Oh, right. Ghostface is in it. That explains everything. Okay, that had nothing to do with pirates at all, but you should check out the track. It’s kinda alright, and by kinda alright I mean pretty good.

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