I haven’t done a linkheavy post in awhile. Here’s a bit of today’s weather.

NY Times Magazine has a great piece on the NBA’s most underrated player, Shane Battier. It’s relevant to this blog because it talks a bit about the numerati and the role they play in professional sports. I’ve been following Shane Battier since he played at Duke. It’s good to see he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Cover Art for Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album It’s Blitz

I’m really digging the artwork for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s upcoming album, It’s Blitz. Sometimes all it takes is a photograph. I really hope they don’t feel compelled to put any type on it.

I’d be lying if I told you I had ever actually read a Harry Potter book but maybe if they had these penguin style covers designed by MS Corley, I’d be more compelled to pick one up.

The Boom Is Over. Long Live Art. The NY Times is on fire this week. This wonderful piece takes a look at past economic downturns and how they shaped the art worlds immediately after them. There is mention of Fab 5 Freddy and Basquiat, two artists whom, until recently, I had no idea were related. If you’re wondering what designers do to make it through tough times, here’s a link to Michael Bierut’s tips on getting through a recession.

Somehow I missed the memo about Cake Wrecks. Hilarious!

photo by Jeff Baxter

MOMA takes over Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue Subway Station! I hardly take the subway anymore but this is pretty cool.
(via swissmiss)

2 Responses to Linkheavy

  1. Nina says:

    but how could you not have read ANY harry potter book?? Eh, it’s a love-it or couldn’t-care-less phenomenon, actually. And you’re right, these covers are great: I’ve read all the books so without even reading the titles, I could tell which book each one was.

    The cakes were ridiculous! thanks for that.

  2. tishon says:

    they’re so long! it’s like an investment. I watched the first movie though. It was pretty good. I had no idea you were that devoted a Potter fan though, Nina. None whatsoever.

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