The big story today is PepsiCo’s ‘New Coke’, as The NY Times is calling it. Only months after releasing their much talked (and blogged and blogged and blogged) about Tropicana carton redesign, they’ve decided to switch back to the Strawrange, citing a strong outcry from their ‘most loyal customers.’ Cool. Looks like we’re going to have the privilege of experiencing yet another shelf-off.

Do you think major rollbacks like this affect the credibility of designers?

6 Responses to Cartongate

  1. zig says:

    Was just thinking of you when I saw the new cartons at the grocery store yesterday. Bummer — I liked the redesign. Especially the ones with the screw-off caps made to look like oranges, that had a small leaf design next to the caps. That was very cute.

  2. tishon says:

    I think some of the cartons are actually going to keep the new caps. They’ve got that touch of playfulness that I think, for the most part, the new design lacked. I could have gone either way, to be honest. Both cartons had their strong suits.

  3. Nina says:

    Ideally, i’d have liked to think that no, it shouldn’t affect the credibility of designers. But i have to admit, when i discovered the name of the studio (Arnell) that was responsible for the redesign of Tropicana as well as the Pepsi logo, my first reaction wasn’t that tingly feeling i get when i hear Mucca Design. I also read that Pepsi design brief and I wasn’t impressed. It basically made me recall that article you talked about “how (not) to write like a designer”.

    But we’ve all had one of those, a project with a really great concept but somewhere down the line, the execution takes a wrong turn. In fact, now i’m curious about Arnell, I wanna check out their website and see some of their other work.

    In response to the above comment, I agree, the orange screwcap with the leaves next to it was very cute and in fact, they’re going to keep those caps on one of the tropicana varieties.

  4. tishon says:

    Yeah, I definitely have one or two of those projects under my belt. I hide them in a large tupperware container in the deepest darkest corner of my closet. I just checked out Arnell’s site. I like the work they did for Reebok. I don’t know numbers but that RBK campaign is what kept Reebok on my radar over the last 10 years. Otherwise, they’d have gone the way of striped gym socks and Sadie Hawkins dances.

  5. Vince says:

    I was just about to post this on your wall on facebook. I’m glad they’re rolling back the designs! Honestly, I still would’ve still bought Tropicana even if they’d kept the new design. I just wouldn’t enjoy it as much though.

  6. Adria says:

    Tupperware container? keeping those old designs crisp and fresh Tishon? Personally I hope they give Arnell another stab at the packaging and come to a compromise, classic Tropicana orange and straw icon with a new clean modern look, everyone is happy. The old packaging needed an update. They can’t just go to the old and put the new cap on it and call it a day. I work on PepsiCo brands over at TracyLocke and have to stare at the packaging!

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