Matt & Kim Get Naked, Release New Video.

April 21, 2009

I really can’t say anything bad about these guys. I will be an utter cornball and say I totally had a class with that guy Matt back in college. Anyway, their new video, for the song “Lessons Learned,” is a fitting accompaniment to the fun little romp of a tune. I’m not sure what lessons I’m learning but I never get tired of seeing naked people.

Watch it here on MTVU.

Como Hacer un Bebe

April 20, 2009

Somebody dun got pregnant!

(thanks Em!)

You Are Being Lied To About Powerade

April 14, 2009

At least PepsiCo thinks so. The soft drink giant has filed a lawsuit against its competitor Coca-Cola’s Powerade, over the sports drink’s new ad campaign. PepsiCo alleges the new campaign which seeks to position Powerade as “the complete sports drink,” and even features half of a Gatorade bottle in the creative is not only diluting the Gatorade brand, but falsely advertising to consumers. Apparently “scientists” have found no evidence to support Powerade’s claim of being the complete sports drink. Scientists? Really?

Read about it here on Adage

Being A Designer Is About Accepting Certain Truths

April 13, 2009

Adrian Shaughnessy’s Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes: Not so much a list of paradoxes as they are a tally of keen observations from someone who obviously knows the deal about being a graphic designer. Read it. Ingest it. Come up with your own.

Your Business Card Is CRAP!

April 10, 2009

(thanks Will)

Neon Boneyard

April 3, 2009

Haven’t updated much this week, as I’ve been busy actually designing things. In the meantime, here’s some eyecandy a’ la flickr.

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NIN Releases New Album, Produced by Timbaland

April 1, 2009

NIN releases new Timbaland produced album, Strobe Light. Let’s just say it’s Fiyah! Cool site, too.
Get it here

(via Stereogum)