People You Should Know About: Viajero

May 27, 2009

Las Madrinas. see more of Viajero’s work here

Brooklyn artist Adrian “Viajero” Roman is among a generation of artists working almost exclusively on wood. Unlike some of his contemporaries, however, Viajero’s drawings and paintings are not merely a study in fashionable techniques and materials. They are the expression of an artist’s deep obsession with people, their histories, and what appears to be an ongoing exploration of Latin American culture. As his name suggests (Viajero means traveler in Spanish), many of his works are portraits of people he has encountered on his travels across The Caribbean, Latin America, and The United States.

Custom Vans for Sneaker Pimps World Tour ’06

He recently released a book of artwork and photography, chronicling his work between 2006 and 2008. Find out more here:

More of his work can be seen here:

Glitter Is The Blood and Guts of Indie Rock Videos

May 27, 2009

If glitter is the herpes of craft supplies then what is it to indie rock? Yeah Yeah Yeahs video for latest It’s Blitz! single “Heads Will Roll” surmises that craft herpes is what happens when you book YYYs to play the banquet scene of a Michael J Fox (as Michael Jackson) reenactment of Sleeping Beauty. Somehow Karen O makes dismemberment look appealing.

Watch it here on Stereogum.

The Ramen Movie

May 21, 2009

To continue with yesterday’s food theme, I’d like to share with you this great movie created by my high school mate, and fellow Pratt grad, Keith Eng. It centers around the mighty, oft high sodium, but ne’er lacking in flavor, packaged good that is instant ramen. Back in 2006, Keith embarked on the noble quest of figuring out which of all the instant ramen brands was the best. Lucky for us, he filmed it and turned it into The Ramen Movie. Break out the Sriracha and enjoy!

The Little Sauce That Could: Sriracha Gets Interviewed by The NY Times

May 20, 2009

cropped photo of Gavin, a member of an indie rock band proclaiming his love for Sriracha

Remember that blog Stuff White People Like? Sure, it’s still around but it’s arguably not as popular as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, people are more into awkward family photos than sarcasm-laced socioracial observation. I suppose it’s for the better. After all, white people can only like so many things. However, there was one thing I always thought should have made the list but didn’t. Maybe it did. I don’t know; I didn’t really follow that blog but for the sake of argument, lets pretend it didn’t: Sriracha, aka “Rooster Sauce.”

I first encountered Sriracha at my second job out of college. There was always a bottle of it in the company kitchen, and anytime someone used it the entire company stood in ovation. Not really, but someone always commented about how it was the best sauce ever. My roommate at the time also loved Sriracha, but he was Asian so I thought nothing of it. What made me realize it was more than just any sauce was when I moved on to a different company, with an entirely different company culture. I’m talking no more beer Fridays or downtime hi-jinks. The new office was quieter, less rambunctious, more ping-pong than Last Night’s Party. One thing that remained, however, was the Sriracha. There it was, right on top of the company microfridge, next to the lightly salted cashew halves.

I guess this doesn’t prove anything about white people liking Sriracha more than anyone else, but I always thought it’d make a good entry for Stuff White People Like. At any rate, the NY Times has a nice little story about Sriracha, its creators, and the drunk folks who leave messages proclaiming their love for the sauce on the company answering machine. My former coworkers would surely approve.


May 15, 2009

Bike To Work Day San Francisco. This guy wins the linkheavy person of the week award.

Well, it’s Friday, so that means update time. It is also Bike To Work Day, here in NYC, part of the larger celebration that is Bike Month, which means the folks who got their bikes blessed last month at St. John The Divine will hit the streets once again (though they’ve probably been riding this whole time).

Since I work from home, I wont be biking anywhere, except maybe to Target, as I have some things to pick up. I did, however, consider putting together a morning ride to all the Bike To Work Day stations around the city, for us work from home (and potentially unemployed) folks, but it was Thursday night and I was at happy hour when I realized I forgot to tell anyone about it. Oh well, maybe next year. Here’s the weather.

-Kristina Sacci, writer of CPB Blog, won a prize in a cupcake contest here in Brooklyn this week. Her cupcakes are God’s answer to sadness. See for yourself.

-Kristina Sacci also slays design and illustration dragons. She recently updated her site. See her work here.

Steven Heller waxes poetic on Hand-Drawn type.
(via Design Observer)

-Back in December I wrote a “People You Should Know About” post about design author, Ellen Lupton. She’s interviewed on Portfolio Center. Check it out.
(via Design Observer)

-Kind of old news but Serial Cut has a new site up. Go there. Be inspired. Consider moving to Madrid. I know I did.

The Dieline’s Top 15 Fonts for Packaging Design. Some freebies in there. Do it!

-I kind of want need this.
(via Swiss-Miss)

Audrey Kawasaki Does Japan

May 9, 2009

The immensely prolific and jaw-droppingly talented Audrey Kawasaki recently had a show at SpaceYui, in Japan. I’ve been following Audrey for some time now and it’s wonderful to see how her art continues to evolve, yet still maintain the magic that garnered her so many devoted fans.

Check out more pics from the show here at

Kanye Writes A Book (and it’s not about Swine Flu)

May 1, 2009

Not a photo of Mexico City

Ever get the feeling like life is a perpetual episode of VH1’s Best Week Ever. I don’t know if it has always been this way, but it recently occurred to me that news media is very much like the fashion industry. Someone picks up on something and says, “Hey, this makes a good story. Let’s talk about it until something cooler and more interesting comes along.” And I don’t know if it’s just a byproduct of the information age (this is still the information age, right?) but news travels in such a way now that when you first hear about something, you immediately expect to hear about it over and over again for the rest of your life (which pretty much means until something cooler and more interesting comes along).

A Brooklynite looking fashionable in the face of Swine flu

This week’s big story/guaranteed end of year 2009 recap listmaker is Swine Flu. Everywhere you go, people are donning masks like so many pashmina scarves. Even my local paper took advantage of the pandemic paranoia and turned it into some sort of fashion shoot. I’m just waiting for Kanye West to cover it on his blog. Then again, everyone is already talking about it, so he might have been up on Swine Flu back when we were still panicking about the Ebola virus.

Kanye has however written a book that, according to Amazon, is a witty and insightful look at his path to success. Thank you Kanye, and YOU, sir, are most welcomed. Oh, and in case you wanted to know, the typeface used on the cover is Block. Nice choice, Kanye.

Anyway, the whole point of this post (sorry I got sidetracked with the Kanye thing) is a photo I saw on Flickr Blog, which today is featuring photos of Mexico City aka “The Source.” When I saw the headline Images of Mexico City, I half expected to find photos of rabid monkeys attacking unassuming Mariachi band members. Unfortunately, I only encountered this seemingly ordinary photo of an ordinary girl on an ordinary commuter train.

What WAS entertaining are the comment tags on the photo. Some innocent Flickr community member tagged the young woman’s headphones, saying “I have headphones just like those.” Not a big deal right? Sure, we all have those nice little moments of recognition. Well, we also all know the internet is very much a place to prod and poke fun at complete strangers, so it’s no surprise that someone then tagged the photo “OMG, I listen to music too! We have so much in common.” Which was soon followed by, “I have the exact same train!. . .” Who knew the world was so hilarious. Or maybe it’s just that people in face masks bring out the hilarity in people.Click here to see the photo along with the rest of the tags.

Here’s an ad for something followed by a brilliant video of a parrot dancing to traditional American folk music.
(thanks Nina)