Bike To Work Day San Francisco. This guy wins the linkheavy person of the week award.

Well, it’s Friday, so that means update time. It is also Bike To Work Day, here in NYC, part of the larger celebration that is Bike Month, which means the folks who got their bikes blessed last month at St. John The Divine will hit the streets once again (though they’ve probably been riding this whole time).

Since I work from home, I wont be biking anywhere, except maybe to Target, as I have some things to pick up. I did, however, consider putting together a morning ride to all the Bike To Work Day stations around the city, for us work from home (and potentially unemployed) folks, but it was Thursday night and I was at happy hour when I realized I forgot to tell anyone about it. Oh well, maybe next year. Here’s the weather.

-Kristina Sacci, writer of CPB Blog, won a prize in a cupcake contest here in Brooklyn this week. Her cupcakes are God’s answer to sadness. See for yourself.

-Kristina Sacci also slays design and illustration dragons. She recently updated her site. See her work here.

Steven Heller waxes poetic on Hand-Drawn type.
(via Design Observer)

-Back in December I wrote a “People You Should Know About” post about design author, Ellen Lupton. She’s interviewed on Portfolio Center. Check it out.
(via Design Observer)

-Kind of old news but Serial Cut has a new site up. Go there. Be inspired. Consider moving to Madrid. I know I did.

The Dieline’s Top 15 Fonts for Packaging Design. Some freebies in there. Do it!

-I kind of want need this.
(via Swiss-Miss)

2 Responses to Linkheavy

  1. Nina says:

    i’ve been saying i wanna get a bike for a year and a half now…

    and i’d also like to try those cupcakes. then i can decide if the best cupcakes in the world title still belongs to my friend meagan, who refuses to do it for money.

  2. tishon says:

    Doo it, Nina! I’d be more than delighted to help you pick out a bike. Having one in NYC changes your life. Actually, having one and actually using it changes your life.

    Kristy’s cupcakes are amazing. That’s all I can say about that.

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