Glitter Is The Blood and Guts of Indie Rock Videos

If glitter is the herpes of craft supplies then what is it to indie rock? Yeah Yeah Yeahs video for latest It’s Blitz! single “Heads Will Roll” surmises that craft herpes is what happens when you book YYYs to play the banquet scene of a Michael J Fox (as Michael Jackson) reenactment of Sleeping Beauty. Somehow Karen O makes dismemberment look appealing.

Watch it here on Stereogum.

3 Responses to Glitter Is The Blood and Guts of Indie Rock Videos

  1. Nina says:

    why’s the video not working?

    also it’s a good thing i don’t really watch music videos or know what my indie band members look like…or i might be put off 😉

    well, with the exception of the ones i’ve seen in concert.

  2. tishon says:

    Video works. Clicking it links to the Stereogum page.

    That’s madness. It’s a widely known fact that indie band members are eons more attractive than average people.

  3. Nina says:

    Now it’s working. I tried earlier and it wouldn’t play. I meant put off by their weirdness. and you know me, i’m a hater.

    however i did find one particular lead singer in a concert waaay too cute and i was having a hard time concentrating on the music 😛

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