Crispin Porter + Bogusky Launches Awesome New Site

June 30, 2009

Advertising hot shop Crispin Porter + Bogusky just launched a beta version of their new site and it is best summed up as twittertubefeed. Never short of great ideas, the folks at CP+B have turned the standard company portfolio site into a full fledged web 2.0 news aggregation/video hub. The genius part is that all the news is about CP+B. Well played CP+B. Well played.


Stop Wasting Time! (but be sure to walk aimlessly)

June 30, 2009

Few newspapers do new media as well The NY Times. From their interactive features, to special blogs by artists and illustrators, The NY Times continues to publish great web content that’s fresh and relevant.

Maira Kalman’s And The Pursuit of Happiness Blog is one of my favorite ongoing features. Kalman (whose illustrated version of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style makes a great gift) uses her unique style of illustration and storytelling to school readers on the various histories surrounding American Democracy.

In the most recent post, Kalman takes us on a tour of the home of Thomas Jefferson, discussing the revered (and sometimes reviled) statesman. The entire post is a wonderful read, but this Jefferson quote about making use of time has been resonating with me for the last few days. Check out the quote below, and definitely check out the rest of the blog over on The NY Times site.

Maira Kalman for The NY Times

Free Beats: Why I Love The People of New York (even the hippies)

June 25, 2009

“Two days after Obama got elected, some skinny white boy named Shock with some mad beatboxing skills set up a mic and a sign that read “Free Beats” and just let anyone come up to the microphone to show off their stuff. And as a result, I now firmly believe that this guy should be hired by the city of New York as a public service, just to sit there and give out beats for anyone who wants to rap or sing or play the kazoo or whatever the fuck that hippie chick’s playing.” – from I Heart Chaos

I don’t know what any of it has to do with Obama, but it damn sure was entertaining.

Watch The Video

These Guys Are So Hot Right Now

June 24, 2009

Dirty Projectors – Cannibal Resource (A Cappella)
via Stereogum

Who and What Are You Working For? Jeff Goodby Ruffles Some Ad Man Feathers

June 24, 2009

There’s a shitstorm of dialogue brewing over on AdAge right now. Earlier today, Adage published an article written by world famous ad man Jeff Goodby, decrying what he sees as a gross trend in the ad world of agencies creating work simply for the sake of receiving awards. He not only finds fault in agencies, but in the award organizations who continuously award what he sees as less than effective, if not outright dubious campaigns.

As one would expect, the comments are pouring in, and it’s not just your usual comment-fodder either. Some of these folks are making truly valid points. See for yourself.

Also, this is a conversation we designers need to have amongst ourselves. Have we also become “connoisseurs of esoterica?”

Adage: Jeff Goodby: We Are Becoming Irrelevant Award Chasers

Europe By Designers and The Topiary Quandary

June 24, 2009

Came across Europe By Designers, a slick online exhibition of European artists, illustrators, and designers on Design Observer today. The site itself is nicely designed and there’s some great work to be seen.

The exhibition reminded me of something I’ve been thinking about lately: What exactly does it mean to be a designer? The definition of design seems to be expanding daily. Often, I see work that I’d classify as illustration or fine art, but the artist is known and identifies himself as a designer.

I guess, at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. If the work is good, you can call it topiary for all I care. Speaking of topiary, where’s my Edward Scissorhands sequel? Isn’t it about time?

Edward Scissorhands showcases his topiary handiwork

Europe By Designers

Jell-O That Would Make Bill Cosby Proud

June 22, 2009

Carmen Gelatina by Indu Pillay

This past weekend, while I was off seeing Passion Pit, I regretfully missed what appears to have been an amazing competition of gelatinous proportions in my very own backyard. I am referring only to The Gowanus Studio Space Jell-O Mold Competition which happened on Saturday in Brooklyn. Since I wasn’t present, and eatmedaily has already done a fine job of reporting about it, follow the link to see more pictures and read about the event. Passion Pit was okay, but I doubt they compare to what went down at the competition.

eatmedaily coverage of the event

Molest Me Teacher!

June 22, 2009

If my memory serves me correctly, school is just now wrapping up for most kids around the country. However, this new video for the song Teacher’s Pet by the Old Money boys makes me think of the first day of school for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the random shots of pencils, or the attractive young ladies wielding plastic rulers, but something about it says new backpacks, wrapping books in brown paper bags, and hitting the teacher up for her digits.

Quick Review: Bicycle Film Festival 09: Joyride Art Show

June 19, 2009

The New York City leg of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival is this week, and last night I rode my relatively uncool bicycle to check out Joyride, a bike themed art show spread across a series of galleries in the lower east side. There were a few good pieces in the show, but for the most part I found myself mostly interested in the free beer and conversation.

More pictures from this show can be found here on my flickr page.

Joyride is up until June 21. Click here for more details.

Google May As Well Have Run An Ad On Craigslist

June 15, 2009

Illustration by Gary Taxali — A response to Google’s request for free work.

I despise “contests” put on by companies looking for free work. I also hate when said contests are voted on by the general public i.e. the very same people who submitted to the contest. It’s basically spec work under the pretense of opportunity — and there are few things worse than spec work.

Free work with the promise of “exposure”, however, is even more loathsome than spec work. Granted, exposure is always good but when a company has a set business model and your work, though not entirely tied to the business model, may in some way benefit that company’s bottom line, it is only fair that they offer more than “exposure” for something they obviously see as valuable.

A round of applause to the NY Times for publishing this article about illustrators who declined Google’s request to feature their work on its new web browser without any compensation. Like the article says, when you’re a company as large and profitable as Google, there’s no reason to invite artists without offering to pay them. It’s not as if they’re a floundering non-profit, with limited resources, and a philanthropic agenda. Cheers to Melinda Beck and Gary Taxali for speaking out against it on record.

There will always be takers, Google. Some of us are not in a position to decline the exposure. Still, that doesn’t make it okay. For a company as “progressive” as Google, you’d expect a little more r-e-s-p-e-c-t for the artist.

Use Their Work Free? Artists Say No To Google

also, here’s a link to Drawn’s repost of Gary Taxali’s Drawger post referenced in the article
Don’t Call Me