New Yorker’s iPhone Cover

I’m going to be honest, I don’t read The New Yorker. In fact, the only time in my life I ever actually picked up a New Yorker magazine was in college when our Visual Communications professor had us do New Yorker covers as an assignment. While the writing may be among the best, most intelligent, and thought-provoking writing in the country, I’m going to have to pull a Kanye and say I don’t read the New Yorker because sometimes people write these articles and they just be so wordy and self-absorbed. I don’t wanna read that.

I will, however, look at the covers. Actually, I’m sorry. I lied in that last paragraph; I pick up New Yorkers quite often. But it’s only to look at the covers and to see if my buddy Jashar has any illustrations in there.

Perhaps no American magazine cover is more coveted than that of The New Yorker. Week after week, they manage to produce covers that are both current and timeless, and often with a degree of wit that would make Alfred E. Neuman proud.

This week’s cover isn’t so much witty as it is timely. It’s relevance lies in the medium by which it was created, the all-powerful iPhone. The popular smart phone and poop time entertainment device has permeated all of American culture and perhaps has now reached the pinnacle of cultural cachet with its debut on the cover of this week’s New Yorker.

The illustration was done by artist, Jorge Columbo, using an iphone app called brushes. Read more about the artwork, the app, and some other stuff you might be interested in knowing about the cover here at Cnet.


2 Responses to New Yorker’s iPhone Cover

  1. corey says:

    Impressive. My iphone paintings look like shit.

  2. Nina says:

    i want that tee! except i don’t own an iphone so that would be dumb.

    But i was reading the kanye article yesterday and almost died laughing. what exactly does “I would never want a book’s autograph” mean?

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