Quick Review: Jen Stark @ LMAK Projects

Jen Stark is a designer’s artist. Meaning, she does the kind of work that inevitably appeals to designers. Clean lines, repetition of form, an unconventional medium, her work practically begs to pop up on FFFFound.

Her current show The Beginning of The End at LMAK Projects in NYC is small. With only a few pieces, it feels a little bit like a tease but what’s there is a good sampling of the artist’s work.

For the first time and with varying degrees of success, she explores new materials like wood and mirrors in a few of the pieces. Overall, I’d say it’s a solid show but it left me wanting more. Here are a few additional shots.

The Beginning of The End is on view until June 21st at LMAK Projects. 139 Eldridge Street, Between Delancey and Broome, New York NY.



One Response to Quick Review: Jen Stark @ LMAK Projects

  1. mrmarkrobson says:

    Nice! I had no idea she had a show here, I’ve mentioned her twice, and the thought of seeing her work in person is somewhat intimidating, her color and craft are impeccable…

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