Hort Updates Site w/ More Work For Nike

My favorite of the bunch, b/c the tagline is pretty brilliant. Gold star for wit.

When I think of the design shops who inspire me most, there are five that come to mind instantly. Hort is definitely among the top three. Looking at their work is akin to rolling around in a pile of freshly laundered tube socks. Don’t worry about why this would be a good thing, just try it sometime and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Hort updated their site today with some new work for Nike. It seems they’ve got this whole Nike poster thing down. Although some of the taglines are a little forced (don’t know who is responsible for that), the executions are fantastic.


3 Responses to Hort Updates Site w/ More Work For Nike

  1. Luke says:

    What are your other four?

  2. tishon says:

    hmm…i’d have to say hort, non-format, pentagram, WSDIA, and Serial Cut are among my top 5. the list is shifting all the time though.

  3. Nina says:

    I’m sure Hort’s work is amazing but I couldn’t get past the animated gifs. There was this internal struggle between design curiosity and sheer irritation and unfortunately I gave in to the negative feeling. Perhaps they have a link to a friendly pdf file that you can send me?

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