Sufjan’s BQE Cover Art Blows Your Mind

August 11, 2009

I don’t know who this Sufjan guy is, but this artwork blows my mind. Forget that it’s nearly impossible to decipher anything in the typography. It’s got a picture of Brooklyn — That’s all you need to know.

Just kidding. Sufjan was in that broadway show, Chicago, right?

via Pitchfork

Quick Review: Black Acid Co-Op

August 4, 2009

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Walking through this show, I kept asking myself, ‘At what point in the process did this become art?’ I wondered what it might have been like to put it together. I thought back to the scene in Miranda July’s Me and You and Everyone We Know in which an artist is putting together an installation and the curator spots her coffee mug on the floor and asks ‘Isn’t this my coffee mug?’ The artist replies, ‘No, I made that.’

Black Acid Co-Op is on view til August 15th at Deitch, 18 Wooster Street, NY

More Photos via my flickr
Roberta Smith Review in The NY Times

Jell-O That Would Make Bill Cosby Proud

June 22, 2009

Carmen Gelatina by Indu Pillay

This past weekend, while I was off seeing Passion Pit, I regretfully missed what appears to have been an amazing competition of gelatinous proportions in my very own backyard. I am referring only to The Gowanus Studio Space Jell-O Mold Competition which happened on Saturday in Brooklyn. Since I wasn’t present, and eatmedaily has already done a fine job of reporting about it, follow the link to see more pictures and read about the event. Passion Pit was okay, but I doubt they compare to what went down at the competition.

eatmedaily coverage of the event

Quick Review: Bicycle Film Festival 09: Joyride Art Show

June 19, 2009

The New York City leg of this year’s Bicycle Film Festival is this week, and last night I rode my relatively uncool bicycle to check out Joyride, a bike themed art show spread across a series of galleries in the lower east side. There were a few good pieces in the show, but for the most part I found myself mostly interested in the free beer and conversation.

More pictures from this show can be found here on my flickr page.

Joyride is up until June 21. Click here for more details.

Quick Review: Jen Stark @ LMAK Projects

June 4, 2009

Jen Stark is a designer’s artist. Meaning, she does the kind of work that inevitably appeals to designers. Clean lines, repetition of form, an unconventional medium, her work practically begs to pop up on FFFFound.

Her current show The Beginning of The End at LMAK Projects in NYC is small. With only a few pieces, it feels a little bit like a tease but what’s there is a good sampling of the artist’s work.

For the first time and with varying degrees of success, she explores new materials like wood and mirrors in a few of the pieces. Overall, I’d say it’s a solid show but it left me wanting more. Here are a few additional shots.

The Beginning of The End is on view until June 21st at LMAK Projects. 139 Eldridge Street, Between Delancey and Broome, New York NY.


New Yorker’s iPhone Cover

June 2, 2009

I’m going to be honest, I don’t read The New Yorker. In fact, the only time in my life I ever actually picked up a New Yorker magazine was in college when our Visual Communications professor had us do New Yorker covers as an assignment. While the writing may be among the best, most intelligent, and thought-provoking writing in the country, I’m going to have to pull a Kanye and say I don’t read the New Yorker because sometimes people write these articles and they just be so wordy and self-absorbed. I don’t wanna read that.

I will, however, look at the covers. Actually, I’m sorry. I lied in that last paragraph; I pick up New Yorkers quite often. But it’s only to look at the covers and to see if my buddy Jashar has any illustrations in there.

Perhaps no American magazine cover is more coveted than that of The New Yorker. Week after week, they manage to produce covers that are both current and timeless, and often with a degree of wit that would make Alfred E. Neuman proud.

This week’s cover isn’t so much witty as it is timely. It’s relevance lies in the medium by which it was created, the all-powerful iPhone. The popular smart phone and poop time entertainment device has permeated all of American culture and perhaps has now reached the pinnacle of cultural cachet with its debut on the cover of this week’s New Yorker.

The illustration was done by artist, Jorge Columbo, using an iphone app called brushes. Read more about the artwork, the app, and some other stuff you might be interested in knowing about the cover here at Cnet.

People You Should Know About: Viajero

May 27, 2009

Las Madrinas. see more of Viajero’s work here

Brooklyn artist Adrian “Viajero” Roman is among a generation of artists working almost exclusively on wood. Unlike some of his contemporaries, however, Viajero’s drawings and paintings are not merely a study in fashionable techniques and materials. They are the expression of an artist’s deep obsession with people, their histories, and what appears to be an ongoing exploration of Latin American culture. As his name suggests (Viajero means traveler in Spanish), many of his works are portraits of people he has encountered on his travels across The Caribbean, Latin America, and The United States.

Custom Vans for Sneaker Pimps World Tour ’06

He recently released a book of artwork and photography, chronicling his work between 2006 and 2008. Find out more here:

More of his work can be seen here:

Audrey Kawasaki Does Japan

May 9, 2009

The immensely prolific and jaw-droppingly talented Audrey Kawasaki recently had a show at SpaceYui, in Japan. I’ve been following Audrey for some time now and it’s wonderful to see how her art continues to evolve, yet still maintain the magic that garnered her so many devoted fans.

Check out more pics from the show here at