Who and What Are You Working For? Jeff Goodby Ruffles Some Ad Man Feathers

June 24, 2009

There’s a shitstorm of dialogue brewing over on AdAge right now. Earlier today, Adage published an article written by world famous ad man Jeff Goodby, decrying what he sees as a gross trend in the ad world of agencies creating work simply for the sake of receiving awards. He not only finds fault in agencies, but in the award organizations who continuously award what he sees as less than effective, if not outright dubious campaigns.

As one would expect, the comments are pouring in, and it’s not just your usual comment-fodder either. Some of these folks are making truly valid points. See for yourself.

Also, this is a conversation we designers need to have amongst ourselves. Have we also become “connoisseurs of esoterica?”

Adage: Jeff Goodby: We Are Becoming Irrelevant Award Chasers