June 9, 2009


March 23, 2009

What’s up with the 30 degree weather, here in NYC? I thought spring was here. Oh well, here are some things worth checking out.

What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like
Hint: It looks exactly the way it sounds.

Vandal (Squad) Vendetta
Two weeks ago, I posted about a Powerhouse Arena panel discussion which pitted Vandal Squad graffiti cops against their nemeses, graffiti writers. I did attend, however, of the notes I gathered, I couldn’t come up with anything remotely interesting to report. Hell, I even forgot to bring my camera. Luckily, freelance writer, Pauline Pechin was also present. She wrote a nice little recap of the event.

This Is Why You’re Fat
Just looking at most of this stuff gives me heart murmurs.
(thanks ASF&K)

“Music Covers Are Not Graphic Design. . .”
says Peter Saville, in a recent interview. Read about it over on Eye Magazine’s blog.
(via Design Observer)

Sci-Fi Channel becomes SyFy Channel, not that anyone cares.
Couldn’t tell you the last time I watched this channel. For some reason, the change makes me think of the book 1984 and the concept of newspeak. Let’s just hope I don’t get accused of thoughtcrime.

Hand Dryers From Around The World
Very cool…errm…dry.
(via Clusta)

Retired Graffiti Cop Writes Book. Graffiti Artists Aren’t Happy About It. They Discuss.

March 12, 2009

Photo by The Brooklyn Paper

I love (okay, maybe not love. more like, am kinda into) my local rag, The Brooklyn Paper. Unlike papers with a national distribution, a small paper like TBP can focus on the important local issues like the amazing coin-operated, self cleaning public toilet being installed at Grand Army Plaza, and my personal favorite, police blotters, a rundown of the latest crimes happening in my neighborhood. Not only that, but a local paper like TBP has the privilege of writing with a certain degree of wry sarcasm your national gazette simply couldn’t get away with.

Today’s paper gives the tip-off on a showdown, happening right here in Brooklyn, between a retired cop-turned-author and graffiti “artists” (why the quotes TBP?). Joseph Rivera, a former member of the famed New York City Transit Police Vandal Squad, recently released a book, Vandal Squad, chronicling his experience as part of the unit whose responsibility it was to clean up the city’s 80’s and 90’s era graffiti problem. Apparently, the book doesn’t sit well with some graffiti artists, who cite it as being inaccurate and “lacking in literary or documentary value.” Lucky for us, the criticism won’t be limited to the pages of The Brooklyn Paper. On March 19th, a panel discussion between Rivera and retired Vandal Squad officers as well as graffiti writers Ket, Cope2, and art blogger Stern Rockwell, is being held at the powerHouse Arena.

Though I’m not sure what good can come of a discussion panel like this, I’m planning on going just to see how irate both parties become.

Graffiti War Comes To DUMBO

Joe Rivera, author of “Vandal Squad,” at the powerHouse Arena [37 Main St. between Water and Front streets in DUMBO, (718) 666-3049], March 19, 7 pm. Free.