March 4, 2009

And now for the weather!

Simply beautiful. Features the work of many talented artists and designers, some of whom you might recognize (see Mario Hugo who is also featured in this week’s Flavorpill)

20th Anniversary of Do The Right Thing
This deserves its own post but I’m feeling especially lazy at the moment. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen this film, add it to the Netflix cue. Not only is it one of Spike Lee’s best films, it’ll show you the origins of what all the cool kids are wearing these days.

speaking of old stuff. . .

Jurassic Web: The unrecognizable Internet of 1996
Funny little piece on about the “world wide web.”

Alex Trochut and Dvein team up for this TOCA ME title sequence
So good it makes my skin crawl.
(via Design Is Kinky)

Vintage Record Covers
I’ve had this site bookmarked since like 2003. I have no idea how I found it and I can’t read Kanji, so I have no idea what it is. All I know is it has tons of record covers.

And just in time for this week’s linkheavy, the band who single-handedly brought back red motorcycle jackets and inter-dimensional portals, Phoenix unveils the art for their upcoming album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

(via Pitchfork)