The Little Sauce That Could: Sriracha Gets Interviewed by The NY Times

May 20, 2009

cropped photo of Gavin, a member of an indie rock band proclaiming his love for Sriracha

Remember that blog Stuff White People Like? Sure, it’s still around but it’s arguably not as popular as it was a few years ago. Nowadays, people are more into awkward family photos than sarcasm-laced socioracial observation. I suppose it’s for the better. After all, white people can only like so many things. However, there was one thing I always thought should have made the list but didn’t. Maybe it did. I don’t know; I didn’t really follow that blog but for the sake of argument, lets pretend it didn’t: Sriracha, aka “Rooster Sauce.”

I first encountered Sriracha at my second job out of college. There was always a bottle of it in the company kitchen, and anytime someone used it the entire company stood in ovation. Not really, but someone always commented about how it was the best sauce ever. My roommate at the time also loved Sriracha, but he was Asian so I thought nothing of it. What made me realize it was more than just any sauce was when I moved on to a different company, with an entirely different company culture. I’m talking no more beer Fridays or downtime hi-jinks. The new office was quieter, less rambunctious, more ping-pong than Last Night’s Party. One thing that remained, however, was the Sriracha. There it was, right on top of the company microfridge, next to the lightly salted cashew halves.

I guess this doesn’t prove anything about white people liking Sriracha more than anyone else, but I always thought it’d make a good entry for Stuff White People Like. At any rate, the NY Times has a nice little story about Sriracha, its creators, and the drunk folks who leave messages proclaiming their love for the sauce on the company answering machine. My former coworkers would surely approve.