March 23, 2009

What’s up with the 30 degree weather, here in NYC? I thought spring was here. Oh well, here are some things worth checking out.

What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like
Hint: It looks exactly the way it sounds.

Vandal (Squad) Vendetta
Two weeks ago, I posted about a Powerhouse Arena panel discussion which pitted Vandal Squad graffiti cops against their nemeses, graffiti writers. I did attend, however, of the notes I gathered, I couldn’t come up with anything remotely interesting to report. Hell, I even forgot to bring my camera. Luckily, freelance writer, Pauline Pechin was also present. She wrote a nice little recap of the event.

This Is Why You’re Fat
Just looking at most of this stuff gives me heart murmurs.
(thanks ASF&K)

“Music Covers Are Not Graphic Design. . .”
says Peter Saville, in a recent interview. Read about it over on Eye Magazine’s blog.
(via Design Observer)

Sci-Fi Channel becomes SyFy Channel, not that anyone cares.
Couldn’t tell you the last time I watched this channel. For some reason, the change makes me think of the book 1984 and the concept of newspeak. Let’s just hope I don’t get accused of thoughtcrime.

Hand Dryers From Around The World
Very cool…errm…dry.
(via Clusta)