NY Times $300 Makeover: Williamsburg Edition

March 14, 2009

photo by Michael Falco for The New York Times

With spring just around the corner and my roommate of nearly four years leaving the bachelor pad, I’ve been thinking a bit about interior decorating. While my former roommate and I are both fairly low maintenance guys, who prefer a simple environment, I sometimes longed to add a little flair to our otherwise utilitarian Brooklyn apartment. My initial idea of getting an area rug for our living room was met with a frown. And we never did get around to getting those Mucha prints for the common areas. The one place I did get my druthers was in the bathroom, where I pretty much went all out Martha Stewart and got a nice shower curtain and a few other things (which now that I think about it, are in need of a serious update).

Now that my roommate is on his way out, and my new roommate (a fashion designer and all-around awesome gal) is moving in, I’m excited about the possibilities of turning my post-collegiate bachelor pad into a mid-twentysomething abode a la mode.

This week’s NY Times Home & Garden section has a great feature in which they’ve given New York City apartments a $300 makeover. The feature has a few makeover stories but the one that caught my eye was the sprucing up of underemployed sales director, Benjamin Segal’s Billburg one-bedroom. The before photo of his apartment is pretty much what my apartment looks like these days, utilitarian furniture, naked walls, and a “hardwood” floor that’s begging for some kind of acknowledgment.

The results of the makeover are quite impressive. With just a little duct tape (is it too late to make a duct tape joke? Yeah, probably.), some fabric, pvc pipe, and some paint, the decorators managed to make Segal’s apartment look like the inside of a magazine that might have Alanis Morisette on the cover.

No irony here; Alanis is still a total babe. Then again, she didn’t become a babe til about 2005.

Follow the link to see the article, and check out some of the other $300 makeovers.

The $300 Makeover: One-Bedroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn